Sales Training Toronto

All of our training is 100% customized and covers the topics that you want covered. We train sales teams on all imaginable aspects of sales, omitting what you don’t need and placing emphasis on the topics that you want covered. Here is a small sample of some popular topics trained:

World Class Consultative Selling
Today’s customers are not what they once were. They are much savvier, much more informed, much more demanding and have much more choices than ever before. As a result, it is more important than ever that sales professionals be at the top of their game and be as consultative in the sales process as possible. Sales professionals wear many more hats than they once did and must be seen as a problem solver, a consultant, an expert in their field, a people person, a caring individual and still be able to fill the client’s needs and wants and never miss a step. Learning these essential skills with Sales Training Toronto produces superior sales teams that generate superior results.
  • The psychology of the sales process
  • How to be fully consultative in the sales process
  • Selling yourself
  • Emotion based selling
  • Meeting and building the relationship
  • The discovery process
  • Asking the right questions
  • Finding the clients’ needs and wants
  • Presenting the solution/product/service
  • Presenting the features and benefits in a way that resonates with the client
  • Captivating the client
  • Prevent passive listening (engaging the client)
  • Reconfirming the information
  • Linking to the clients decision making and buying process
  • When to mention price and when not to
  • Presenting the price - Value vs. Price
  • Preventing objections before they happen
  • Overcoming all objections
  • Creating urgency
  • Increasing the sale
  • Generating Referrals
  • Dramatically shortening the sales cycle
  • And much more…
Prospecting/Lead Generation
We recognize that new clients are the life blood that is vital to the growth of any company. Our lead generation and prospecting training shows trainees how to effectively prospect qualified clients and book more meetings that lead to sales. Whether you are generating new business using the telephone, face to face, utilizing email or social media we can take your prospecting efforts to a whole new level. Very few sales people are truly skilled at prospecting new business and for most it is the most dreaded part of their day/week. We train the most effective form of highly persuasive communication that is proven to get results time and time again. Our custom prospecting and lead generating training will address your specific wants, need, and challenges and excel you and your team forward. At the end staff wil be much more effective at:
Closing the Sale
Doing everything right during the sales process results in a sale faster and shortens the sales cycle only when the sales person actually asks for the sale however, many sales people are still reluctant to ask for it. At Sales Training Toronto we teach sales professionals every day how to ask for the sale in a manner that is a natural transition from the consultative approach and is the next logical step in the sales process. We teach sales people how to get the client ready and motivated to do business faster and thereby shortening the sales cycle dramatically. In the event we get an objection at this stage of the process, we also teach trainees how to keep the sales process always moving forward and how to not let it become stagnant. Only by moving forward and overcoming any and all objections with real solutions can we take care of the clients today and in the future.
  • Dramatically shorten the sales cycle
  • Getting clients to want to buy rather than being sold
  • Overcoming any possible objection
  • Creating desire and urgency
  • How to ask for the business
  • Closing sales in the very first meeting
  • Increasing the sale/upselling
  • Generating Referrals
  • And much more…
The other trainings I did, did not really teach me how to get to the closing of business as effectively as this. Very Simple processes and quite realistic. I noticed a change almost immediately in my effectiveness on the entire selling process, particularly in my ability to close sales and sign up new clients in the 1st or 2nd meetings.

Investment Advisor, Toronto

Time Management
Time Management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, with the intent to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Whether you are a manager or a front line sales team member, our time management training will:
  • Create an environment of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Setting priorities in the proper order
  • Proper execution of these priorities
  • Proper process to reduce time and stress
  • Huge reduction in time spent on non-priorities
  • Proper delegation of tasks
  • Become organized and stay organized
  • Goals and goal management
  • Procrastination and how to stop it
  • Time constraint habits to avoid and how to stop doing them
This is a great time management course. The entire team absolutely loved it and implemented much of what was taught to be more effective with our time.

V.P. of Sales, Promotional Products., Toronto